links for 2010-08-30

  • Some institutions such as banks, hospitals, universities, and other large organizations regularly perform negative write-offs, especially when the amount is considered low dollar, e.g. $5.00 at some places or up to $15.00 or more at others.

    This bugs the heck out of me. IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT that patients at hospitals and college kids are getting hammered by gigantic beuracracies that gobble up their overpayments and then just write them off like they never existed. It's a massive amount of red tape that costs individuals tons of money every year, possibly every day! Since policies are private, I will just say that one rather large University Hospital in mid-missouri does this at a 15.00 level regularly on a per visit basis, where one patient might be have multiple visits per day. — thinking about making up a new blog or website to list every stinking corporation's policy on this – email em all and post their replies.

  • interesting discussion about "gnosis" – rambles on a long time, but some points are interesting. Relevant to the Holy Guardian Angel postings the last few days… Similar idea to the psychologial Imago too. I suspect HGA and Imago are essentially the same thing… which is the same thing as beatnic "having it" idea in Keorac's (misspelled?) On the road… same thing as "being in the zone"… performing miracles/magic, and being in touh with one's true self through artistic expression and emotion.

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