links for 2010-09-21


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2 Responses to links for 2010-09-21

  1. Merc says:

    Hey thanks for the link back. 3 things:

    That massive “thing” you mentioned about is truth, particularly biblical truth. The raw truth that is attainable that they fight so hard for you not to know. Unfortunately to see the light, you have to know the light.

    It’s not meant to be funny. It may be the most serious site you’ve ever come across but it seems like you need certain signs as well as certain background info on the “conspiracy” scene to piece things together to collaborate with the bible. Your curious, that’s the spark. The reason some things add up and make sense is because what you are reading is unadulterated truth. Notice that PDB goes against EVERY mainstream lapdog site out there. Why would that be? Why would the motto be “Drop your “Truth” at the door.

    Yeah some do take it seriously. I was 8 years old when I first started researching the occult and occult history because of experiences I had that young. I spent a lifetime researching everything under the sun. The man that writes most of the articles, spent far less time researching – so what does that tell you? To each their own though, we all have different paths in life.

    Thanks again for linking… great site, I’ll add to my blogroll if you want.

    • mastermesh says:

      It’s definitely an interesting read. Not sure I agree with all the conclusions… and perhaps it’s not “funny” to some… but anyways, it does sort of read like a comedy of the history of religion on some levels… almost like that history of scientology that showed up on Southpark a few years ago that was like under 30 seconds long or so.

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