A few of the links related to the conspiracy/scam Calypto is implicating himself as being involved in by posting in my visitor messages over at planetcalypsoforum, as well as a few links to his “other” sites, forums, etc.:
http://clubcalypto.com/ – do a whois on this place…
http://www.countrydreamsradio.com/ — another radio station Al calypto is involved in
http://www.hauntedamericaradio.com/ – another project Calypto is involved in IRL — chasing down ghosts… oh so scary.

and uh… well… uh… apparently he likes to get a bit freakish and do nude DJing?


Looking for a DJ for your nudist event?
We know how hard it is to find someone to agree to play for nudists, someone who won’t be embarrassed or gawk all night. Your problem is now solved!

Al has started his own DJ business! With professional DJ equipment and intelligent lighting, he is available to DJ/MC your wedding reception, nudist party, or any other event you have in mind. Nudist or not, we can make your event a success!

Please visit HotTrax Entertainment for more info

and of course… there’s always the little lie radio ad promo…

The “Instant Radio Star” packages help you gain credibility as an artist.

Radio Host Al Shephard will create a radio episode from scratch featuring you! Simply send him your music and bio, and he’ll create the intro, pre and post-sells, and the outro. He’ll burn it to an audio CD and ship it right out to you. An MP3 copy is also available.

Only you will know that it’s not an actual show, but when others hear it, they’ll want to have you on their show! It’s a great promotional tool, allowing hosts to visualize what the show would sound like with you on it

Also, according to a reliable resource, Calyto’s real world resume over in linkedin doesn’t seem to support his claims of 27 years in broadcasting… but I don’t have the link to that, only second hand knowledge — you be the judge there, lol.

Calypto, if you are reading this — hey buddy, it’s public info anyone can find in whois, in google, etc. Think of it as free advertising for your nudist dj self.

Occassionally, more links related to this issue may show up in other postings. Hit the Home button, above, to go to the main blog and read all newest posts from present to past.


About Jeff Thomann

part time artist trying to become full-time eventually...
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