Magyar, sorry if you feel that “Posting peoples personal information is fucked.” In my opinion, due to the fact that the Project Entropia Dollar is in fact tied to the US Dollar in a 10:1 ratio, the “money” on a pedcard in Entropia Universe is real world cash. When scammers try to steal others people game in this virtual world, it only makes sense, if the information is publicly available already, as is the case with Calypto, to indicate to individuals in the community who they might be able to contact in real life to get some of their money back that was stolen in the game. There is no police force in game. As such, scams can and do happen often. I am not claiming that Calypto stole anything. I am merely pointing out that his real world identity is online in multiple locations, so if he chooses to logoff in game when people ask for their stolen money back, if indeed any was stolen, they might have alternate ways to contact him and/or have a means to get real world crime investigators involved. I do not believe that reposting publicly available information that is obtainable through whois information as well as internet searches is something bad if it potentially can help curb or stop crime either in the real world or in the virtual world.

As far as noone proving Calypto scammed, no one also has proven he did not. In game there is no police force. In game, there is no judicial system really. Even though “all trades are final,” that does not mean that all trades are fair, and that scamming does not happen.

When asked for a list of individuals who donated items to his giveaway contests, and the TT value of each item involved, he was not able to give the information, if I recall the details of the closed threads on the entropiaforum, which is no longer the entropiaforum correctly… so no one can prove or disprove if all assets given to him to give to others were indeed given to others. Therefore, there might have been a scam, or might not have been a scam…

As far as your not being able to “comprehend what precisely” what I ” must be after,” I am simply after having a fairer and more “legal” and legitimate game play in Entropia Universe. I feel that many times scammers hide annonymously behind their avatars. In the case of public radio personalities such as Calypto, it’s sort of hard to hide your identity when you have it plastered all over the internet. I am not really after anything other then more transparency in giveaways like Calypto was involved in, so that it’s more clear exactly how much the middle men are keeping off the top before generously handing the goods out to others…

Do I plan to make this blog more of a way of discussing things about Calypsoforum threads that were closed, maybe, or maybe not. Since you are doing likewise on your website, I don’t see any reason not to.

As far as the part of your response that says ” Faye tried to keep it going. Her threads eventually devolved into threats to quit the game if people didnt believe her. She got what she deserved for pushing these lies and bullying tactics” goes… It seems like your website at might indeed have some half truths or lies in it, and that the creation of that place might indeed be on some levels constured as being a “bullying tactic” my friend.

Do I plan on carrying on more conversations about this topic – I don’t know. Maybe. Do I feel it as important to discuss scams in the virtual universe that my online business is in – absolutely! We need to remove the criminal activities in Entropia Universe to make it a safer and funner environment.

Will I remove the info about Calypto in previous posts to this blog – perhaps. However, on some levels it’s free advertising for him and his various websites… so maybe on some levels it’s benefits him for this stuff to be out here – increasing his ranking in google, and what not.


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4 Responses to Regarding

  1. Magyar says:

    Al Shepard Sr is not Calypto.

    Calypto does not live in New York City, and his name most definitely is not Al Shepard Sr. I have done my own research. I know what business Calypto runs, who some of his clients are, what his house looks like (at least from above), what his subscription plans for the radio cost him per month, etc.

    You didn’t post Calypto’s information at all, and that’s why its totally fucked what you did. You posted an innocent mans information who happens to be friends with a person you don’t like. This person helped him set up the radio station and has an avatar of their own. By “encouraging” anyone to call this person as you did by posting the information you added to the stress of a person who is already dealing with alot of personal difficulties at this time.

    Way to go dude. Not only are you wrong, but you inspired others to harass a person whom life is already treating poorly.

    I suppose in some twisted way you’re thinking to yourself “That’s what he gets for hanging out with Calypto.” Well, thats why I don’t like the Entropian Community… you’re twisted and rotten.

    • mastermesh says:

      you have little or no proof of what you allege. I simply posted what I found through whois info that anyone can look at.

    • mastermesh says:

      You got any proof that he ain’t Calypto? Your proof is about as much proof as I have that he is… I just connected the dots and looked up what google and whois was telling me that anyone else could do if they’d take about 5 seconds to do it…

      • Magyar says:

        I sure do. But to post that would be posting personal information, which I will not engage in.

        I will go no further than to say that Calypto’s caller ID brought him up in South Carolina, and that his family owned marketing group owns most of the billboards you drive by every day in your car. I asked him his affiliation with this marketing group after Googling his name as it showed up on caller ID, which he corroborated as true. Email correspondence also corroborated this. It turns out his group owns a billboard that isn’t far from my home. Small world, it seems.

        I may not like the guy. He’s a creep, at least online. IRL I have no idea. But he can afford to give away everything he’s given away and then some. If he likes to spend his time pissing away money then whatever. Thats his business.

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